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15. September, 16.00 Uhr: Stammtisch, Withers Hall
Willkommen beim Deutschklub!

Deutschklub meets once a week at the time and place listed on the calendar for Stammtisch. At these informal gatherings, students, faculty members, and friends of the Deutschklub meet for essen, trinken und Deutsch sprechen (eating, drinking and speaking German). Hier wird Deutsch gesprochen! Ein paar Fehler sind OK! If you do not feel comfortable speaking German, just come and listen or speak English until you are ready to switch to German. Getting involved with the Deutschklub will be a fun and rewarding experience, one guaranteed to improve your German language skills and to introduce you to new and interesting people from the U.S. and abroad.

Thanks to all our photographers including Helmut Brunar, Herman Huang, and Zahit Sahin

Advisor/Treasurer: Ralph Jones (re35rjje at