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Hiking Trip


German Night



Deutschklub meets about 40 times a year: every Sunday during the school year (except holidays) and about twice a month during the summer.  There are several kinds of meetings.  Stammtisch, Wanderung, German films, Games and Kochfest 


Most often we have Stammtisch at Withers Hall on campus.  We sit around a big table covered with German chocolate, cookies, fruit and juice and talk about anything and everything.  You hear all levels of German from beginner to fluent.  Nice people...interesting grades

Hiking Trip/Wanderung

Two or three times a year we take a hike in one of the local parks and finish either by going to a restaurant together or we grill brats. There is nothing quite like the expression of other people's faces when ten to twenty people approach from the other direction all speaking German.

German Films

Five or six times a year, we watch a German film in the Cloyd Erdahl Theater in the library on campus. The films range from family to more serious: Beyond Silence, Dresden, Kaspar Hauser, Münchhausen, Brother of Sleep, Run Lola Run, etc etc


Sometimes we get together and play German Jeopardy or German Trivial Pursuit or German Scrabble


Four times a year we have a party...a party with German food.....and German Bier.  Imagine Bratwuerste, home made Spaetzle,  Sauerkraut, Kartoffelsalat, German cheese, German bread, homemade Kuchen.   Alles schmeckt lecker.