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Das Kochbuch



Das Kochbuch

Das Kochbuch is an English-language book of German recipes published by the Deutschklub originally in 2002 and now in its fourth printing. The book features an introduction into German culinary culture, photographs, and notes on regional specialties. Das Kochbuch features recipes, for example, on eight variations of Spaetzle (a special pasta from the Swabian region), delicious homemade Bratwurst, Rotkohl (red cabbage), Sauerbraten (marinated beef roast), Rote Gruetze (red berry compote), Windbeutel (cream puffs), six different German cake recipes and much more.

To purchase your very own copy of Das Kochbuch, please send a check payable to Ralph Jones (email: at

   1005 Askham Dr.
   Cary, NC 27511

Please also make sure to indicate the number of copies you would like. Unless otherwise agreed with Ralph, copies of Das Kochbuch must be picked up at the German Cub's weekly meetings. (Please see the Calendar for more information.)
Price: $12, students $10.